Amazing what you can do with yeast, salt and flours. And the varieties of flours! The feel of the dough in your hands, the kneading, folding, shaping - the baking. The process is still excites me after all these years - how changing one little part, changes so much - the flavor, texture, density, rise. Listed are a sampling of breads.

Pain Rustique.jpg

Pain Rustique

This 'Rustic Bread' is rectangular, light, and chewy. A popular white bread that sells out weekly.

Multi Grain.jpg

Multi Grain

With a combination of grain mixes, this bread is chock-full of goodness. The addition of wheat and honey makes this bead a favorite.


Ciabatta (2).jpg


The Italian 'lady's slipper' is light, airy, and great for dipping in olive oil, toasting, or grilling for garlic bread.


photo (7).JPG


Nice, chewy bread with a great tangy flavor. This starter has been around for years.      802.843.1160