While we love baking bread, we love baking, period. Pastries and sweet treats such as croissants, mini cakes, and tarts give us the opportunity to work with the finer, sweeter side of baking. 

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The perfect croissant reveals a complex structure of flaky layers of dough, the outermost of which will shatter when eaten. They taste buttery but are never greasy. These French pastries are lovingly hand-crafted from yeasted pastry dough and a butter pat over the course of two days.


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Croissant Swirls

We take the same delicate croissant 
dough and wrap it around a sugary 
mixture to create these incredibly delicious swirls. People lie in wait for these when we deliver them and they have sold out the same day. No joke.


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We bake up old time favorites like Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, and Oatmeal Raisin. But we can't help ourselves and are always looking for ways  to elevate the humble cookie: Butter Pecan Treats, Checkerboards and Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies.


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