Quality ingredients make these biscuits the perfect snack any time. Outstanding flavor combinations delight when eaten alone, with tea or coffee, or as the perfect compliment to cheese, jam and chocolate. Enjoy as a treat for yourself, healthy snacking for your family, while entertaining, or given as a gift.

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Original Oat

A fresh interpretation of England's favorite biscuit. They have a satisfying chew courtesy of thick rolled oats and a hint of sweetness provided by brown sugar. Pop them as they are our use them as the delivery vehicle for blue cheese, Nutella®, lemon curd or preserves.

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Maple Oat

Maple sugar and locally produced maple syrup provide layered flavor. This playful variation of Original Oat bites are the perfect adult snack when you need a quick hit of wholesome sweetness. If you are as addicted as we are to the amber gold that pours out of certain deciduous trees here in Vermont, we need not say more.


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Cheddar Rosemary

Grafton, Vermont is home to some of the best cheddar cheese in the world. In our Cheddar Rosemary bites the sharpness of locally produced Grafton cheddar holds its own against rosemary and a hint of cayenne. Think of them as refined, high-quality Cheez-Its® for adults.

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Parmesan Fennel Seed

We recommend people pop these into their mouths whole. And when they do, they usually say “Wow!” The parmesan cheese, fennel seed, cracked black pepper and coarse salt are pure alchemy.


Are you ready for something truly different? These morceaux noirs look innocent enough until you bite into them. Your eyes think “cookie” but then you get the softness of their mouth-feel and the forwardness of the cocoa powder. And you savor that not-too-sweetness for a moment only to discover … black pepper. Divine with tea or wine.

Cardamom + Orange

Biscuit bite meets Marco Polo. Exotic cardamom, hints of orange and the sensible richness of semolina flour are brought together after their long journeys into a biscuit that has immediately become one of our most popular. Unique. Delicate. Refined.

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